An FBI-Approved Channeler is a pivotal service provider authorized to fast-track the procurement of Identity History Summary information directly from the FBI. By capturing fingerprints from clients and submitting them, alongside requisite details, to the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services Division, these Channelers streamline the delivery of essential background checks. The process culminates with the swift electronic receipt of a comprehensive Identity History Summary check, delivered directly to the individual.

Each FBI-approved Channeler distinguishes itself with unique operational methodologies, potentially incurring additional charges beyond the standard FBI fee for its expedited services. Prospective clients are encouraged to engage directly with these Channelers to ascertain specific processing times and fee structures.

Eligibility Criteria for Requesting an FBI Report through a Channeler

Recognizing the specific eligibility criteria for obtaining an FBI report via an approved Channeler is crucial. This expedited service is exclusively available to U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents. A legal permanent resident is defined as an individual who resides in the U.S. under legally recognized permanent residency status, often evidenced by documentation such as a Permanent Resident Alien Card or a Green Card.

For individuals meeting these criteria, partnering with an FBI-Approved Channeler represents a strategic avenue to obtaining timely and accurate Identity History Summary checks, facilitating a range of legal, employment, and international travel processes with efficiency and authority.

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Apostille FBI background reports & Channeler’s List

List of approved FBI Channelers we recommend:

Accurate Biometrics
(773) 685-5699

Biometrics4All, Inc.
(714) 568-9888

Daon Trusted Identity Services, Inc.
(703) 797-2562

Fieldprint, Inc.
(877) 614-4364

Gemalto Cogent, Inc.
(626) 325-9600

Idemia Identity & Security USA
(877) 783-4187

Inquiries Screening
(877) 702-7107

National Background Check, Inc.
(877) 932-2435

National Credit Reporting
(800) 441-1661

STS SID LLC dba Sterling Identity
(844) 787-3431

Telos Identity Management Solutions, LLC
(800) 714-3557

TRP Associates, LLC dba ID Solutions
(877) 885-1511


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